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Prosthetic designs and components are unique and versatile and change with the progress of the user from the initial fitting and training to the seasoned and independent wearer. Our Clinical Prosthetist has over 17 years of training and experience and specializes in socket designs that maximize control and freedom of movement. 

We offer the only specialized designs in Central Georgia that accomplish full range of motion for both above and below knee users. We specialize in lower limb prosthetics and guarantee the initial fit of all devices


Above Knee/Below Knee and foot prosthetics:

* Pre-surgery counseling-what to expect immediately after surgery and how to prepare for prosthetic fitting
* Immediate post-operative devices and removable semi-rigid dressings for below knee amputation
* Certified M.A.S. above knee socket design for full range of motion, rotation control and comfort
* Certified RCRTM below knee socket design for full range of motion, rotation control and comfort
* Designs for partial foot amputation, through knee or ankle amputations
* Microprocessor knee designs for above knee users (requires individual evaluation of ability to utilize)
* Dynamic response foot systems such as Flex Foot, Endolite, College Park, etc.
* Soft goods such as fitting socks, suction liners and shrinker socks are available



All prosthetic designs are user specific and require full evaluation for selection of the proper socket, suspension, foot/knee components. If you are a current user or new amputee and would like to be evaluated no Rx is need for the consultation and there is no charge for the evaluation.



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