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We offer a wide range of custom designed Orthopedic braces and supports to meet your needs, below are a few of the conditions we can offer support for, if you do not see your specific condition please give us a call, evaluations and consultations are always free and no Rx is needed for the initial visit.


    Pedriatic AFO



Full length and Lower leg devices for weakness following:

* Stroke
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Traumatic Brain/Spinal Injury or surgery
* Congenital defects i.e., spina bifida, etc.
* Paraplegia
* Cerebral Palsy
* Muscular Dystrophy
* Fracture bracing

    Adult AFO



Foot orthotics and Ankle devices for:

* Plantar fasciitis
* Fractures of the foot and/or ankle
* Chronic instability of the ankle
* Relief of ulcerations, painful callus or spur formations
* Bunions
* We specialize in conditions that affect the diabetic foot
* Diabetic shoes and supports

    Metal Brace



Custom made and custom fit Knee braces for:

* Osteoarthritis-we specialize in Generation II designs for maximum offloading, function and pain relief
* Sports and functional braces following ligament strain/sprain or repair
* Designs for instability of the knee joint and/or the patella

    Knee Brace



Spinal Supports and braces for:

* Scoliosis
* Thoracic and Lumbar for vertebral compression fracture/trauma, post-surgical, disc herniation, etc.
* Compression braces for Antero/Retrolosthesis
* Stenosis, spondylosis
* Cervical collars for support of fractures/trauma, post-surgical

    Back Brace



Hand, wrist and arm devices for:

* Carpal tunnel support- pre/post surgery
* Corrective finger splints
* Positional splints following stroke or other brain injury
* Fracture bracing

    Wrist Brace


The list above only shows our most common services. Please contact us with questions about any type of orthosis. Our practitioners are happy to talk with you about your goals and will take the time to evaluate you and select a design that will best meet your needs.  We are able to design and fabricate supports specific to your needs, most devices are made here in our labs.



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