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The Range of motion, Comfort, & Rotational control Transtibial Socket commonly known as RCRTM socket was designed by Dale Perkins CPO, as the answer to those patients that develop discomfort when using gel liners and locks. Dale Perkins CPO being his self as an amputee, he uses his knowledge as Prosthetist-Orthotist to design the RCRTM.
Compare with other sockets, the RCRTM increases comfort, especially during the knee motion in extension and flexion. And the advantage of total contact with uneven pressure applied to the limb this socket design can be use with different suspensions options.

The Following are the advantages of the RCRTM socket:picture of a RCR socket

*Increase the comfort of the socket
*Increase the range of motion and allows the patient to take longer stride
*Patient felt confident to rise from seated position
*More control of motion especially in ramps or slopes
*Reduction of the traction on end of limb
*Because the uneven pressure of the socket the blood flow in the limb is not affected


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